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Discharge Full
Containers discharged from the vessel and shifted to CY. All containers discharged, and Or consignees have not collected their Delivery Orders in order to discharge their cargo Will be under the category of “Discharge Full” .
Full To Consignee
After the Delivery Orders have been taken by the consignee or concern party, containers Will be under the category of “Full to Consignee” .
Empty Available
Shipping agents will be notified by private terminal operators when empty containers Returned to private terminal .
Full For Loading
After completion of stuffing cargoes, shippers are to submit documents to shipping Agent for loading the containers on vessel. Shippers are responsible to move containers To CY for ready to load. This will be under the category of “Full For Loading” .
Loading Reports will be issued by the Captain of vessel to confirm containers loaded.Containers will be marked as sailed after the receiving of the report .